AT LAST! A Facility Design Process Up to the Task of Tackling Your Greatest Challenges

Let’s get this straight. On top of all the challenges that the facility support services team faces to deliver clinical space; new, HUGE, variables have been added:

  • Increased pressure to take COST OUT of the system and IMPROVE QUALITY.
  • Paradigm shift to Patient Centered Care.
  • A wave of physicians transitioning from private practice to system employees.

Faced with these challenges, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton chose to team with Dacon and the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (, using lean design, to create an Orthopedic Center of Excellence. The BID-M team, led by Cindy Page, VP Support Services, assembled a cross section of users, over a series of design sessions to, in Cindy’s words, “Create the Ideal Patient Care Experience”. Good work Cindy, you managed to grasp a key lean tenet…those closest to the work should define the work.

Dacon and GBMP employed tools such as Process Mapping, Direct Observation and Production Preparation Process (3P) to guide the team toward an Improved State. The ultimate goal of our lean exercise was to create Single Patient Flow, an elusive, tantalizing target.

The new space, now under construction, using design/build delivery, does promise:

  • Easy patient flow
  • Quick and easy space turnover
  • Easy equipment disconnect and relocation
  • Resources to be scheduled according to patient need
  • Minimal patient travel and hand-off

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